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in dailypetphotography •  2 months ago 

Thanks again! Happy to hear that you are doing well. I need to stop by your blog and see what you have been up to lately. My picture days are slowing down, especially after this last experience. I have had too many close calls and you are right, it isn't worth it. But that won't stop me from enjoying nature afar and thankfully there are so many amazing photos here on Steemit that I can enjoy. I love being an arm chair traveler. : )

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I think you'll find a way to pursue your interests without endangering your health. Your upbeat spirit comes through. You will find a lot of material that is attractive. It's the eye that does it...and you have that. I'm going over to look at your swan now. Waiting for my VP to replenish.
If there is joy in life, it has to come from us :))

Thanks for your encouraging words @agmoore. Hugs!

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