Cat Tails and Cattails

There are many tail movements that can tell us a lot about our cats mood. The movement Ollie is making here in these photos only happens when Pachino is outside with him.

Most tail movements are controlled by their nervous system and are done involuntarily. Ollie plays rough with Pachino but when he has had enough, Pachino runs away like a lightning bolt.

Easy to do when you only weigh 8 pounds and the other weighs 20 pounds. Ollie knows he can never catch Pachino so he usually just stays put. I think Ollie's tail is telling us that he is alert and ready for Pachino whenever he comes back. Will Ollie try to chase after Pachino? Highly unlikely but I have seen him try. Ollie gives up pretty fast and lays right back down.

Pachino came back. Ollie was irritated here because Pachino wouldn't come closer to him and Ollie knows that if he moves, Pachino will run away again.

Whenever I see cattails, I immediately think about cat tails.

I saw these cattails in a ditch that was between a road and a gas station. I hardly ever see cattails so of course I had to check them out and get some photos.

I didn't have time to do research on this plant but I do know that parts of it can be used for cooking and medicinal purposes.

Have a great weekend!

#dailypetphotography by @dept and @kona

All photos are my own.


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Thank you! : )

#Tails! Expressive, utilitarian, vital, gorgeous TAILS - ohh, do not get me started. I have a thing for tails, and Tail Envy, seeing how our Bobi the Bad uses his tail to communicate (or to accidentally betray his intentions).

Thank You

for this post! Summoning tipU, appreciator, anyone with a bigger upvote than my worthless one-cent dust vote!

Carol, your comments are priceless! LOL!
Wow! Thanks so much for your help and support. : )
How is your grandson doing since his eye surgery?

I love to observe the body language of animals, and people. People don't realize how much they give away in body language.

Body language of people is interesting but I don't know much. You now have me interested in learning more. For me, learning anything about animals, butterflies and other insects (of course) are my favorite. : )

Yes, that agitated tail is not a friendly signal

Thanks for confirming that. I wasn't positive.

He's warning him that he is liable to pounce

Tigers tail 😀 right ?

HaHa! Sure is. : )

Hi @whatisnew,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
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Beautiful ... the comparison ^..^

Thanks so much @nilom! : )

Nice information!
Thank you!’

Beautiful cat, I casually made a post about them these days. Good information about their tails and movement. Greetings.

Thank you! Thanks for letting me know about your cat posts. I will check it out right now.

I remember an elderly great aunt of mine using cattail pollen in pancakes. I don't remember what the benefit was though. Protein maybe. Immune support probably. That's some really nice shots you got of them.

Thanks @owasco! You piqued my interest about cattail pancakes so I looked it up. You were right about the protein; combining cattail pollen with regular flour makes flour that is rich in protein. The only thing that my mom made that was healthy for us was liver. Yuck! We had to eat it once a week but I gagged, so I put it in my mouth, pretended to chew it, put my hand over my mouth and pretended to cough, and spit it in my hand. I then fed it to my dog under the table. LOL!

I love liver! lol. I didn't when I was a kid though, and fortunately my mother didn't even try to feed it to us. I guess she must not have liked it either. But whenever I feel depleted, a nice serving of liver perks me right up. Love the stuff.

Love those cats and their "tales".

HaHa! I see what you did there. Good one! : )

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