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Here's a moray eel at the Shedd Aquarium in downtown Chicago. This guy would make an expensive pet. They need a huge salt water tank, and they are pretty mean lol.

Very vicious looking lol.

Here's a bonus piranha, they are a much easier pet to have, but don't stick your finger in the thank lol.

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Damn that is a pretty mean looking eel you do find some beauties...lol 👍

He's probably mad because thousands of people a day stare at him.

He's probably mad
Because thousands of people
A day stare at him.

                 - sketch.and.jam

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yep probably so and more mad because he can't have a piece of them...hehe 🤣

Haha so much food behind the invisible barrier.

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Brilliant click

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I don't like it..🙄 scarier than a snake..

Its the grayish blue eyes that add the finishing touch of scaryness.

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Thanks for sharing @sketch.and.jam.

When I'm in the Cook Islands, I love to go in the lagoons with a facemask and hand feed morays. Make sure you have small pieces of fish or shellfish, and that the eel sees what you have. Wait for the eel to pop out of the hole and come to your hand, then gently place the meat near the mouth. The eel will carefully take what you have and sniff around for more. If you have none to offer, open your palm, keeping your fingers together so that the eel sees there is no more, then slowly place your hand under the eel's head and tickle. Watch the eyes twist around in delight!

Of course, this technique is best done with stingrays! For them, tickle between their eyes, and watch as their wings flutter. Always approach rays slowly from above and in front, so they can see you.

Be very careful though, as no-one will hear you scream underwater!

Wow they seem nicer than they look i assumed they were mean by their facial expressions lol. I fed/pet some stingrays at the shedd aquarium, pretty leathery.

They look like that as that's part of their mating or territorial display. Quite an interesting animal species, best left in the wild. The Nga Puhi iwi (tribe) in the north of New Zealand have the moray as their totem, as puhi (pu'i in the Cook Islands) is their word for moray; if eaten, Nga Puhi get very sick. Morays when caught exude slime, heaps of slime, almost as bad as red cod.

He looks like he owns that tank.

He reigns over the barnacles. There were some small sharks in there too so he is the ruler of the bottom of the tank lol.

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Nice photography with moray eel animals.