Daily Lotto 1 - 500 #13

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Daily Lotto from 1 to 500


  1. Upvote this post
  2. Write your number, which you think will win. P.S. Write just one number, please respect each other. We will check how many numbers write each winner.


After 7 days I make video in which you see lucky number pulling. After that we pay 20% from total amount to all winners. 

Bigger community bigger earnings

Its not necessary, but if you want, you can share this post on your wall. This help to grow us faster, and we reach more and more money… Of course these people don`t be forgotten. I will make list of them and in stage 2 they will be rewarded first, because of help in beginning of our journey. 

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followed, upvoted, resteemed, cheers! GL #33-entry

Upvoted, resteamed and my number is #5.

followed and upvoted, thanks! #88 please

Hello> #127


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