"PALABOK" Pinoy Noodle Dish

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Filipino food are delicious and easy to prepare, just always remember that you cooked with love in every cooking.

Palabok is one of my favorite food and recipe, I'm not often to cook this coz' ingredients are expensive and not budget lover. But today I prepare this for a get together with my family, a simple thank you for mission accomplish.

Ingredients are follows:


Palabok Noodles boiled already


Onion and garlic slice in a small pieces


Tinapa flakes, Chicharon, Shrimp and Shrimp head chopped (for juices)


Anatto for food colouring, soak in a hot water for better colors.


Bread Crumbs for thickening the sauce


Baguio Petchay or snow cabbage


Hard boiled eggs

How to cook:


I forgot one ingredients to take a photo, ground pork. Soak the noodles for 15 minutes, drain then set aside and proceed to to the sauce. Heat the pan put a small amount of oil then when it's heat put in the garlic, onion and ground pork, cooked until tender. Add the shrimp and then the anatto with the shrimp juice, next add the bread crumbs gradually by stirring then simmer until sauce become thick. Then add the tinapa flakes and chicharon and petchay baguio. Put the noodles at the plate and pour the sauce and arrange the toppings. Enjoy eating Palabok @sweetcha recipe.


Thank you for passing by.


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Sarap nyan isa din yan sa mga favorites ko.


glad to know kabayan salamat sa pagdalaw😊

Now that is really mouthwatering @sweetcha! Thanks for sharing your recipe.


your much welcome my pleasure to share it, thanks roo summer dear😊

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