#dailyfoodphotography - Turnips, Turnips

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After my class, I went to our town to buy a measuring stick and a tape measure for our Nutrition Assessment subject tomorrow. When I'm on my way to go to the tricycle station, I saw a vendor selling turnips. I stopped for a while and bought few turnips.

I love turnips. It's perfect when you dip it with salt and vinegar. It's almost summer here in the Philippines, so there comes the turnip season.


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Hehe on kamas

Turnips never gets old. Its so delicious :) Hopefully I can buy one tomorrow.

Eat well. Live well


Yup. It never gets old.
Nice slogan. A ji no mo to (^_-)-☆


Hopefully, Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle can also try this one :)


Yeah 😊

Sawap naman po nian. Congrats sis!


Salamat po sis:)

I like turnips also!
God bless!


Thank you @mhm-philippines
Same here!