Ilocano Dish Dinengdeng

A healthy mix of veggies with jute mallow leaves saluyot, taro root gabi, spleen amaranth and kabocha squash kalabasa flowers. An easy Ilocano dish for foodphotography. Not sure if this is stil ongoing but even if not, I still love sharing photos of food.


Posted August 16, 2019| 01:52 pm
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That looks quite yummy. Hope all is going well with you and nice to see your still here even though you never come and vote on @dailypetphotography ...haha...only kidding.

Have a great weekend my friend.

Thanks for the visit @ hangin. :) Situation is better than the previous months. I may not be posting and active like I used to but I still come and visit you guys to at least upvote posts. And yeah, it was already on the 7th day or should I say I was late again, lol, when I went over there @dpet to vote, I was reminded by @shasta. :) But I know you'll most likely win without me voting. Hehe. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I am happy that things are getting better for you and mum and it is nice of you still to come over and visit us knowing how busy you are and yes i have been lucky lately but it's always nice to have a vote from you. Have a great week ahead my friend see you :)

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