Daily Foodphotography


"The world record for the tallest chocolate fountain is held by a fountain constructed at a Las Vegas hotel. It is 26 feet, 3 inches tall and circulates 4,409 pounds of chocolate at a rate of 120 quarts per minute."


📷Photo is mine

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Opo! ang sarap 😊

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very nice photography. keep it up. your daily photography is awesome,

Thankyou so muchhhh

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Nice to know about

The world record for the tallest chocolate fountain 👍🏻

Fun facts indeed
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Thanks for sharing in the #dailyfoodphotography tag. Did you taste the chocolate fountain in your photo? It looks yummy!

Yess. I super love the taste!! Wanna eat again 😂😂

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OMGGGGG thankyou so muchhhh ❤


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