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SBI Saturday...

That’s right folks today is SBI Saturday, just like each and every Saturday here at the Daily Dose, this week though my choices for this week were limited to a select from. This week I gave you followers of the Daily Dose an opportunity to put yourself in position for a shot to win the SBI by audience participation.

Woman Hollering Creek...

That Daily Dose was the was four days ago on 09/19/18, the one about Woman Hollering Creek just east of the city of San Antonio, Texas. Every time I would drive over that bridge that spans the creek it would get me to thinking just how it got its name. Well finally on Tuesday night I decided to look it up so I could quit imagining how and actually learn how it got its name.

Idea didn't work...

Well that idea didn’t work. The looking up part worked great on Google, there are quite a few mentions of Woman Hollering Creek on Google. “So what part didn’t worked?”, you ask. That would be the part about finding the answer on how it actually got its name.

It seems that there is no cut and dried story that explains how the name came about. There are a few good “stories” or “tales” on how it got the name but nothing that can unequivocally deemed as absolutely correct.

Invitation for readers...

I had mentioned in that Daily Dose the stories that had gone through my mind over the years of crossing that bridge. I won’t rehash them here; you know where to find the Daily Dose in case you missed them. But I did extend an invitation for readers to reply in the comment section on how they thought the creek got its name and even share the story they came up with.

A couple good ones...

Well the Daily Dose did get a couple good replies that qualified in my mind as acceptable as entries and for that those two folks each receive a share of steem basic income. That leaves me with one other “share” to share and it is going to a person that I have never read or met in my steemit travels.

The winners are...

I have only heard of that person from someone else but I happen to know that life isn’t easy for someone who suffers from Ehlers – Danlose syndrome and this person has that condition. Being that my wife and three of our four children have it I see firsthand how tough life can be with it.
So here are the winners of this week’s SBI: @bigtom13 , @natubat , and @girlbeforemirror .

Special thanks to...

I also want to say a special thanks to @quillfire for sharing the story of @girlbeforemirror , he didn’t ever hear of Ehlers-Danlose before he met her on steemit and he cared enough to share her excellent poetry and her personal story about life with EDS. There plenty of conditions that can be very debilitating and EDS is one of them, and the majority of people have no idea what it is or have even heard of it.

Ehlers-Danlose Syndrome...

In my estimation I can tell you I think Ehlers-Danlose syndrome is worse than cancer simply because it is a lifelong condition that is incurable. Also there isn’t near the amount of research being done on it because the numbers of people who have the condition just aren’t there. The quality of life for some people is being bed ridden and surviving on a feeding tube, not much quality in that I think you would agree.

So that is it for this week, I am off to go read about one of our latest SBI winners, @girlbeforemirror .

Oh yes, @quillfire will also receive a share of SBI since he was mentioned by name in the SBI Saturday edition of the Daily Dose, standard practice.

Until next time,

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I'm honoured to be a winner! Here are a couple of photos of Lochan an Eireannaich (or the Loch of the Irishmen).

Gorgeous Lochan an Eireannaich 2015.jpg

Leum and Lochan an Eireannaich and Rob Roy's Putting Stone with my shadow sml.jpg


Glad to have had you involved. Those are some neat shots too.


The Loch of the Irish? I always thought it was the luck of the Irish. (Never mind. It's early here and I just woke up.) [grin]


Haha! Yes those Irishmen were not so lucky.

Awwwww, thanks. I really do appreciate it.

I hadn't heard of EDS until I heard it from you. It just makes my heart ache.

I am all too familiar with 'long term chronic'. I grew up in the heart of the most intense cluster of MS in the nation, possibly the world. The Crab Creek drainage (Lincoln County, Wa.) Roughly 10,000 population, and everybody knew several people with it. In my case that would be one aunt, her sister and one first cousin (other side of the family). Plus others that I knew.

Turns out that ALS is popular there too. The little dinky town that I grew up in has lost 4 to that one in the last 30 years. Two of those lived directly across the street from one another. I lived next door.

Anyway, I understand. I wish there were something I could do. I would.

Thanks again, and as always, thanks for the initiative. It's a great thing and I really appreciate it.


When you hear of places that have larger than average of anything that isn't good health wise I always wonder if it doesn't have something to do with the environment of the area. There is a subdivision in Montgomery County north of us that was built over top of the old Conroe Creosote company property and the cancer rates there are through the roof compared to other areas.
Creosote was used for treating pine logs to make bridge timbers and telephone poles. The developer failed to disclose to buyers that the property had been used for that purpose and if you weren't from around there you wouldn't have known since they cleared the site of any remnant that would have given a clue and brought in a bunch of dirt to cover areas that the soil was just black from the old chemicals.
It ended up in a law suit several years later which the home buyers won but the damage was already done to the people living there.
You are welcome on the share, you earned it.


When you hear of places that have larger than average of anything that isn't good health wise I always wonder if it doesn't have something to do with the environment of the area.

That's exactly my thought, too. And I'm sure there's something to it.


That is my thought and I agree there is as well in 99% of the instances but have to leave that 1% for just "chance".


We aren't the only ones that have thought that :) It's a huge area with not very many people. For the most part it's been settled since 1900 with some farms dating to pre 1889 (Washington Statehood) so people have been living in more or less the same place for a long time.

U of W has a study team in the area routinely and several Federal agencies have checked. Nobody has found the link yet.

Eastern Washington south of the big bend in General has a way higher than average incidence of MS and ALS. Amazingly, right across the river the incidence is smaller than average. The difference between lumber and farming? Who knows?


I couldn't venture a guess at that , don't know the area or the people. Wait, maybe I could venture one, might be a lot of inbreeding going on around there on one side of the river.

Another great Saturday edition of the Daily Dose! Ehlers-Danlose Syndrome is another curse that there doesn't seem to be enough interest in to look for a cure. I too believe that there are higher than normal instances of diseases in certain areas. Nobody wants to spend the money doing research on the numbers because if we had those actual numbers it just may cause laws suites forcing responsibility for the calamity. When buying a property, you need to do your due diligence to find out what was there before you came along. Sometimes you need a shovel and pickaxe to aid in the discovery. Also use satellite maps, topographical maps and get the local history. You might be surprised at what you learn.


Thanks for the shout out for @girlbeforemirror and myself. Marg is the epitome of grace under fire ... and determination. You meet some remarkable people on Steemit.



You do in deed Quill meet some remarkable people here. You are both most welcome.