Daily Dose Challenge - September 23, 2018 by @moderndayhippie

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Hurricane Florence just rolled through my area a little over a week ago dropping more than 24 inches of rain in my area and over 34 inches in other parts of North Carolina! It cause untold amounts of damage not only from the rain but all the flooding in the area but that hasn't stopped them from continuing to poison us!

Apparently someone forgot to tell the chemtrail team that we don't need any more rain right now because they are already back at it again, and hitting it even harder than normal! Seriously?!?! WTF?

I took these pictures while on my walk so they had time time to spread out and you can see different angles and the clouds actually forming. I can't believe how crazy they are with this chemtrail program, they obviously don't want to miss a day of poisoning us!

Thanks @inthenow for this awesome "daily dose" contest.. it really helps to inform people about what is going on right above our heads.. #StopPoisoningUs!

Keeping it real

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Having worked for government (municipal) for 18 years, I wonder if it's to keep their budget? If you don't spend it your budget gets cut. So, most administrators make sure they always spend all their budget...

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Huh, I never considered that but you could be right. But they could at least double down somewhere else and leave NC alone for a few weeks! LoL

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

They’re overhead almost daily & people think it’s crazy to question. Contrails didn’t used to veil the sky like they do now.

Maybe they are seeding the clouds with anti rain metals, lol


Yeah, people have been trained to not ask questions anymore.. society is dumbed down and easy to manipulate and thats the way governments and the elite like it..

Yes, yes those anti rain metals 🤔 thats what they are doing, they are probably healthy for us and make us live longer too! LoL.

I actually had one person try to tell me all passenger planes left chemtrails, they said "it's just what airplanes do, its their exhuast" LoL.. people live in some fantasy world..

Thanks for your entry my friend. That bottom one is just wow... ridiculous! R&U. :)


Yeah, they were relentless on that day! In the last picture (top right side) there is actually a plane in the middle of spraying a chemtrail but its hard to see because its so far away..

WoW man, crazy - my Mom lives in Hubert (if you know where that is) - just south of New Bern that got crushed. I heard many schools there are in dis-repair and it's gonna be a long recovery. I remember seeing those clouds during the year I spent down there - crazy ...