The Daily Dose - February 28, 2018 by @iowabuckd

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This post is for the #dailydose initiative started by @inthenow to help spread awareness on the dangers associated with chemtrails.



I come out of work today to these sky portraits, courtesy of the planes spraying. Not surprised as rain is in the forecast tomorrow. Educate yourself and make your own opinion, an interesting website is

Look up people “The truth is out there”!

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This is one of those issues which has been on my periphery for a while but I just haven't dug into the available material yet to better inform myself. I've had "Frankenskies" on my to watch list for a while...hopefully I will get to it this weekend:


Will definitely watch this in full, scanned through quick.

Known indeed that when rain is in the weather forecast they spray some extra before and after..


Yes indeed before and after rain, two clear days in a row for me. I’m sure tomorrow will be a double dose.