Daily Dose - Monday Morning Sunrise Spectular Sequence Saturated In Chemicals - Timelapse Bonus

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I thought I would be able to catch the rising the Sun without a conglomerate of chemtrails blocking the view this morning.. but as should have been expected, a nice clear blue morning sky is quickly sprayed over and greased up for a day of those nice hazy gray skies.

Iv included a timelapse of about 15 minutes of film condensed into 20 seconds or so.. to get a better feel for the movement of the atmosphere and the criss-crossing motion of the tanker planes.

I caught a flock of Geese making their migratory trek through the atmosphere in the cross hairs of the chemtrails.
I imagine those birds are affected by all the electrochemical pollution and the waning Magnetosphere Earth is experiencing.. throwing their internal navigation out of wack! The Earths magnetic model was recently updated which corroborates the words I say herein. The magnetic poles are shifting, as well as weakening. And like a magnet, with its two, or four poles, will reach a threshold point where the fields will quickly jump/flip when another magnet (I.E. the SUN) reacts with it.. notice anything about our reality?

(We live on a giant magnet, and are electric human begins ourselves.. were all connected, one big giant electric circuit)


Snow has been lingering a bit, and I believe in doing so serves us better. Adds a good bit of fresh water to the landscape and benefits the people with a stable water table.


But those colors in the sky tho... they are so mesmerizing.. a normal individual may not even notice the streaking toxins mixed in, or even consider that the explosive colors are from the refraction and scattering of the light through the actual toxins.









Get a glimpse of this strange cloud formation.. appearing to materialize against an invisible barrier lofted into the atmosphere. But of course... this strange cloud, with parallel streaking lines within, has materialized directly above a cell tower. Please someone explain.


Parallel jet "contrails"? Yeah, that makes sense. Over and over again. I can't help but laugh sometimes when I go online, actually attempting to debunk my own thoughts and theories and I come across people even more crazy trying to explain these away as normal! HA! Even after the CIA admitted to performing these vulnerability tests on the population.









Was a nice early morning blue sky! Mucked up with all this gunk. Sick of it!




Other half of the Sky, as I begin to turn to face Northward, is completely untouched. But to someone who observes these spray operations daily.. I know that an objective must be to block out the Southern Sky.




But Why only spray half the sky? That is why I feel there must some other agenda behind these sprays, besides the typical, "geoengineering" or contrail explanation.. I feel they are trying to blanket our skies to physically block us from viewing something.. be it the Sun or whatever else may be around the Sun in space.



Tough to discern on your screen, but there is a flock of geese center of this photo.


What I DO know is that these chemicals DO have an effect on human health down on the surface. Causing all sorts of pulmonary issues.. as you would suspect aerosols and fine particulates could do. Just note the increasing rate of chronic lung problems and respiratory problems Americans and other Western Nations suffer where they spray their people heavily... mostly the Monarch Nations.

I also know that I am about to have a child brought into this world, the latest by the end of this week, and clearly nothing in our skies above has changed after Orange Man Bad got elected. Still spraying. Still poisoning us. So I must care for my Son, and make sure his virgin lungs and brain aren't destroyed by the aerosolized nano particulates dumped above our heads.

I hope y'all stay safe as well. We are all in this together it seems.

I pray to Heavenly Father. Any day now, our baby boy James will join us.

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