#Art / "Aqua And Red Floral Art" / Dailydigital challenge hosted @trudeehunter / Abstract Art

in #dailydigital6 years ago (edited)

An unusual " Aqua And Red Floral Art" edit for Dailydigital challenge hosted @trudeehunter.

This art work has a printed look to it and would look great on a cushion design, for your family room.

I love experimenting with opposite colours, as you see here. Bright and cool colour mixture, brings a holiday feel, to this picture.

There is almost an underwater atmosphere too. Could be taken as brightly coloured seaweed, in some tropical location!
Let your imagination run and create your own interpretation.

Thanks for visiting my post:)

God Bless and enjoy the rest of your day!

Credit - My own art work and editing.

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