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We have a one-eyed chicken.
She’s tiny, gray and white.
Smaller than the others,
full of fear and fright.

The bigger hens don’t like her.
They treat her with disdain.
They block her from the shelter,
and leave her in the rain.

But I know her little secret.
Her brilliant plan, perhaps.
While the others mock and scorn her,
She gets all the kitchen scraps!


***Originally published on A Pinch of Homestead](


Often chickens will go to great lengths to hide sickness or disability. They instinctively know they will be hounded by the others. And there's always an Omega bird in every flock. Glad yours gets treats. :))

I feel pretty bad for her. She's the "runt" of the chicken litter too.

Very sweet little poem, @apinchofhome! Many thanks for sharing it!

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