Bellyrub giveaways now a daily thing. Enjoy!

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Want to win a @bellyrub? Awesome This contest is real simple.

Da Rulez

  • Vote this post
  • Comment a post and say why they should get a rub
  • Resteem this post

You can post your own link but it looks better if you nominate others.

There will be a bunch of winners. :)

Votes will be all random. Ends 12:00 AM pacific time, votes will be done all day.

Please do not submit post that is older than 5 days.

Ready set go

I´ll always give my best for YOU!

Vote @Zeartul for Witness

Follow me on twitter as well @zeratulsteemit
This post is a contest post and the text does not change much.


The Itching to do better day by day in steemit i need a bellyrub.
Putting my own post

Because that rub is fun.

Rub is Fun

And I can always relly on it when i feel i need a boost. Keep it up.

I would like to nominate one post of mine because I want to make all you guys hungry :D

But if you would prefer to support an actual minnow who is not me, you could instead support post about making 3D photos by @m-san

Love the picture.

I love bellyrub, Excelletn Bot @qaismx

Because I like to sub in the tub while I dance in the rub club lol

Because its nice and tickle😂

Because everyone wants a rub

There are so many interesting posts in steemit. Read well.

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