Daily Trends - 31/10/18

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Daily Trends

Hi Timmians! Recent news and charts show several stocks and cryptos dropping. Does this mean they are crashing, are we stuck in a bearish market, or are the bulls just resting up for another run? Don't worry out of a lack of knowledge, get informed and prepare for the next move. Posted are several articles that might help you get some more insights. If you are looking for something more in depth then get subscribed to our morning newsletter, (Daily Trends), as well.

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EOS and Ethereum Analysis: PRICES DROP...NOW WHAT?

by workin2005

In today’s video analysis I discuss, where price may go from here, trading strategies, traps to avoid and MUCH more. I hope you find it helpful.

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Trading Tips for Confused Crypto Traders.

by tradealert

With Bitcoin stuck in a tight range (see our latest analysis), I believe it's a great time to reflect on trading and address the pitfalls that many new retail traders fall into.

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The Chart Suggest Amazon Could Possibly Fall Another $400

by rollandthomas

Amazon reported third-quarter earnings on Friday which disappointed Wall Street. Earnings beat estimates, but revenues ($56.6 billion) were below expectations ($57.10 billion). On top of that, Amazon gave weaker-than-expected guidance going into the holiday season.

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Bitcoin - in light of the latest developments

by bitbrain

I didn't write about it immediately, because I wanted to wait and see where it would level out and hold. Having now stabilised again, today I'm making a few calls as to the future of BTC in the short, medium and long-terms.

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