I'm Not Cut Out For Daily Posts

in #dailylast year

Title says it all. I can't do daily posts, its just not for me. I tried for nearly two weeks, and if I'm being real, those posts are shit.

It's a lot harder than I thought, coming up with a topic to talk about every day. I usually ended up mentioning one thing from the day and just expanding upon that. Thats cool and all, but thats just not me. Writing is not me.

Theres some marvelous writers out there, and I'm not one of them. So I'm just going to take a step back, venture back into the world of the bots and hide out there. Lots of other people I respect(like @josephsavage) don't blog daily and I guess I'll be joining their ranks. I do have to remember to do it weekly or else I'll end up draining my SBI vote balance right on comments due to the laziness to include the sbi skip tag.


I’m impressed with people who continually pump out content for months on end! Tons of dedication. I post when I want and try not to feel pressure to post.

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Don't be lazy, shit post daily updates,... When the hardfork happens and eventually upvotes change, upvotes won't happen on shit posts and your good posts will get manual curation.. so... Shit post away sir ^>^

I'm good with few shitposts for now.

It is actually very hard to do. This is why dapps will be key going forward.

It is hard to do .....

Its much easier for such things as contest or gaming.

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I'm trying to produce videos daily, and it can be really difficult. I'm creating videos about current events, mixed with politics, but unless you've done it, people don't get how draining it can be.

Anyway, just produce at whatever pace you need in order to do a good job and stay happy.

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