Reasons that make you worse and worse!

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It's not that you are not working hard enough to be good, but that you let these things become your fatal flaws!

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Do you often ask yourself, clearly that you have worked hard enough, that you have grasped every opportunity, and that you have worked hard to make things perfect-but how do you feel that you are still getting worse and worse? Looking at it from another angle, one of the reasons is my lack of ability, but the reason for returning to the original is that I have forgotten even the most basic social rules and self!

1/ Excessive addiction to electronics
You have not found that the time you spend on social networking, online shopping, and chat apps is getting longer and longer. Properly browsing social networking sites can indeed achieve the effect of stress relief, but over-indulging in anything is not necessarily a good thing!

2/Not good at socializing, let alone communicating
You think you are just afraid of contact with strangers, but you don’t know that if you are nervous and trembling even talking to others, it is actually a kind of social fear. You don’t know how to socially talk with others, and you don’t know how to communicate with each other. Sweating palms, trembling, and fast heartbeat are the signals your body sends to you.

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3/Think more than do
Always thinking that you can get something for nothing by just waiting for the rabbit. The result is that you can't wait for the ending you want in the end; always thinking more than doing it, and in the end you will only be able to get nothing.

4/ Lost the ability to learn
People of the older generation often say that life is a practice, and every stage has a worldview and values ​​worthy of us to learn.

5/ Impulsive and emotional
It’s easy to be overwhelmed by angry emotions. This is indeed a very fatal flaw, because you don’t know when others will take your fatal flaw, put a cold arrow in the back to stab you, the enemy is in the dark, you are in the light, control Good for your own emotions so that you won't let those who care about it have the opportunity to take advantage of it.

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6/ Surrounded by negative energy circle of friends
Don't underestimate the influence of Moments! When you are depressed, turn on your phone and open your circle of friends. A pair of negative messages and comments will follow. You will only get more frustrated and feel that the world is really unlovable. A place for short-term charging, not a place that keeps hitting you.

7/ Look at the world with sinister eyes
At the beginning of the human nature is good, although you have met bad scumbags, but you have also been a lot of good-hearted people! There are still many good people in this world, and there are many people with good intentions. Don't always look at the world with malicious eyes, and always use the worst plan to get along with others-aren't you tired like this?

8/ I like to be greedy for the small and cheap, but the overall situation is not enough
You must not be greedy when you do things, even if you are greedy for petty gains, you must avoid it. Cultivate your own overall view, don't just focus on the small interests in front of you, keep your eyes on the long-term, that is the destination you want to reach.

9/ Doing things is always halfway
When encountering a bit of setback, I feel that this is a difficulty that I can't get through, so I let go of it and no longer touch it. This is not called stop loss in time, it is called halfway. If you are not willing to work harder, how can you succeed in this life?

10/Easily softhearted, always led by the nose
Soft-heartedness is not a bad thing, but if someone regards your soft-heartedness as a weapon against you, what should you do then? Because you can't help but refuse, because you can't bear to wrong the other party, then you can only choose to wrong yourself.

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The reason why you are getting worse and worse in the workplace and social circles is sometimes not because of your lack of ability and poor eloquence, but because you are stupid and unclear about the basic emotional management and social rules, what kind of occasions What to say, what to say to what kind of people, when to stick to the end, and when to let go and take a breath-these are all things to learn slowly!

. It doesn't matter if the mix is ​​bad now. The important thing is that we understand where the problem is and correct it in time so that it doesn't get worse.