Exerciseman: the 13th daily workout (A-day)

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Hello my friends and welcome back to another amazing day to work out :D

The daily workout

As you know from the headline it’s a A-Day which means that we will hit the gym to build strength.

Today’s workout consists of a short 5-10 minute warm-up on the treadmill or any other device of your choosing.

Then we’ll jump into:

Lastly, we’ll do 3 sets of as many hanging leg raises as possible.

Take less than 1 minute and 30 seconds of rest per set.
As always make sure your form is good and get a spotter if you try a heavier weight.

Afterwards, we’ do a couple of push-ups and slowly begin to warm-down.
I suggest doing some chest and shoulder stretches before you head home.


Today we have worked to improve our overall upper-body strength with some compound moves. We’ve also have given our lower body some activation with the squats to increase hormone secretion and burn more calories.

Well done mate :)

Check in tomorrow for another workout,
your Exerciseman

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