Exercise man: the 8th daily workout

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Today we hit the gym for another classic set of strength training:

I call this workout workout A in short. It consists of:

The daily workout

a 10 minute warm-up on the tread mill and is followed by:

  • 3 * 5 Squats, with a heavy weight
  • 3 * 5 Bench-Press, with a heavy weight
  • 3 * 5 Pull-Ups, with the body weight
  • 3 * 5 Dips, with the body weight

Rest 1 minute between each set and choose a weight that you can lift 5 times.
Try to maintain the best posture you can while you lift and follow the guides linked above.
Warm down with some lunges, and some push-ups. Don't forget to stretch your legs, pecs and back.


This workout should take you 45 minutes to complete.

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