Exercise man: the 11th daily workout (B-Day)

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Today, as promised, we are going to build our strength even more.

The daily workout

This is what I refer to as my A workout.
It consists of a 5 - 10 minutes of warm up of your choice.
I chose the treadmill today.

Then we'll jump into a 3 * 5squats.
Followed by 3 * 5 overhead press.
Followed by 3 * 5 dead lift.
Followed by 3 * 5 pull-ups.
and lastly, 3 * 5 hanging leg raises.

Take 1 minute and 30 seconds of rest between each set.
Use a heavy weight that you can lift 5 times for 3 sets.
Make sure that your form is excellent, ask a coach for help if you are not sure.


This workout should take you 40 - 45 minutes.

This workout will help us build overall body strength because we are working with a heavy weight in a short rep range that allows us to progressively overload our muscles to gain strength.

Exercise Forecast

Tomorrow we are going to do some body-weight exercises and stretches to help us recover.

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