Thurs March 5 Journal Entry #9 -- More development.

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Hello Steemit!

This is the ninth journal entry for this year & so far my project hours have been the most consistent.


The miniBets website finally has a main page(somewhat minimalistic for now), it took me almost all the time I had today to choose this layout lol... I will choose a much better theme in the future, for now, my priority is on functionality & security.

I also added a page to select the game the user wants to play. So far there is only one game online, but it's just acting a place holder. I'm tinkering around with a bunch of different ideas for mini-games.

So far testing has been going smoothly & I added a live feed of all the bets on all the games. I mostly did this for testing but ended up adding it to the main page with a limit of the last 10 bets.


I feel like I'm just repeating myself this week, lol (Agin no study!)

Something Else:

I'm considering adding a way for a user to accumulate "Mana" while playing on Minibets. This Mana will then be redeemable for upvotes / other fun prizes.

Daily Tasks Progress:

Current Avg tasks for the last 46 Days: 11

It's not really that much of a change on the charts shown here, but my daily tasks average is slowly increasing. I'm hoping to increase my daily average to around 20 before the end of may.

Daily Study Hours Progress:

Current Avg mins for the last 46 Days: 29
  1. I'm starting to get a bit concerned about lost study time! I'm seeing a lot of catch up hours of study in my future =P

Daily Project Hours Progress:

Current Avg for the last 38 Days: 63

Overview for the day:

21 Tasks Completed!
0 Hours : 0 Mins Study Time
6 Hours : 8 Mins Working on Projects