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So me and @dayleeo have been building out little ‘landing page’ sites behind the scenes, the first two are getting there, they are not complete but they are certainly coming together and are helping in reaching out for jobs in lots of virtual places, consider them like little calling cards, virtual ‘table talkers’ if you will — they seem to be doing the job on places like upwork and for reaching back out to existing clients to let them know what you are up too.

We have a ‘bunch’ of little micro sites and ideas we want to flesh out over the coming six months and I think these little landing pages are the way to go, especially when combined with the power of Wistia and the video SEO features — I can’t wait to push the one for the course and learning, should be pretty fire one it’s all done, I’m actually really enjoying ‘making’ web assets again.

It can be a bit of a grind when your working on client stuff you don’t enjoy but when you get a client that you do it makes all the difference because you put that extra bit of soul into it — I’ve noticed as well that if you set out your ‘stall’ of what kind of work you enjoy to do the universe tends to bring you those people.

i like to spend what time I have on what’s in front of me for today, no point worrying or debating the past or the future — you have today, you always have today so it’s about getting the most out of it right now, ok?

Let’s get it :)

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Use for your landing pages with your own domain name. Blogger is by google so ultra reliable even with a lot of traffic and its free. And you can customise everything, I've used it for years with full customisation. Also your landing pages will be https added security makes site look more professional.