Dear @DtubeDaily on @Dtube #118 // setting myself up for healthy success this week.

in daily-vlog •  4 months ago

clean food, clean mind.

I love that momentum building inside that suggests you have to blow out the old cobwebs and ‘execute’ on your intention. I know you know what I mean, that ‘can do’ ‘will do’ attitude that you can sometimes wake up in — I had a bit of a ‘end of week’ drink yesterday but woke up today determined to be good to myself — mind, body and soul.

It’s going to have a profound impact on the week and I’m ready for it, nothing better than having the resources (that you work towards) to provide good fuel for your body that keeps your clarity and focus levels up — if your feeling a little slow today, change up that diet for the next few weeks and then tell me again how you feel next monday! :)

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