#1st DaieSthai War CONTEST: List of The winners and more updates+

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Hello, Hi and Welcome.
Let’s start with congratulating all the winners and wishing a good luck for others in our next contests.

In this post we will share with you:

  • The names of the twenty winners in our rewarding contest and we will play a little game together.
  • The prizes
  • Discord contests
  • Deep inside

And The Winners are:

@liuke96player @theithei
@mazzle @elprutest
@martie7 @torros
@arkmy @tucky @waphilip
@the01crow @ocupation
@aniestudio @transisto
@edouard @gentleshaid
@marisenpai @mariangies
@aftabkhan10 @spooks

Now The little game:

  • We must tell you first that we have 10 prizes.
  • Every winner gets to choose a number from 1 to 10.
  • Then you have to put it in the comment section.

The prizes are:


The Limited Edition Arks POAXI


Sin Of Lust









Lion Strike


Dragon Eye


Fire Skull


Leaf Heal


Lucifer Curse


These prizes will be set in a secret list with a random order once you pick a number we will match it with the prize’s number in our secret list and then we will add it to your set.

Discord discussion:

From now on we will discuss a lot of topics in our discord channel
To every steemian, we really need your ideas and your feedbacks so please don’t hesitate to join our discussions and share your thoughts.

Our first topic on discord: ‘weapons names’

We will start the discussion with the picture of the weapon then steemians should suggest a name, The most Epic name suggested will be taken as the new name of the weapon, The steemian that we choosed his suggestion will win the weapon.

First Weapon


Deep inside

We are very touched about all the positive comment that we got about 'Addressing The Concerns' and we are really grateful for all the steemians that supports us. All The DaieSthai War team wants to thank every and each one of you and expecting more support.
Keep being positive guys we promise you that DaieSthai War will be more epic than you can ever expect.

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Thanks! My number is... 10!

Congratulations @torros go check your set.

I'll pick 6

Actually I'll pick 3

Congratulations @waphilip Go check your set.

WoW!!! Thanks !

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@aniestudio Please choose a number from 1 to 10

Congratulations @aniestudio Go check your set.

thank you very much @daiesthaiwar I choose the number 7

Congratulations @elprutest Go check your set.

I’ll pick 3. :)

Thanks guys.

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Congratulations @mazzle go check your set.

Thank you so much, I take it I haven’t really won yet... I choose number 1 of course!

Congratulations @edouard go check your set.

Not sure how

On our website. Login with your steemit acount and visite mySet page, and you will find your gift.

I got Dragon Eye, thank you!

I choose number 8!

Congratulations @martie7 go check your set.

We are sorry :( , you are not upon the list.

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