The Beauty of Dahlia Flowers In Aceh

in dahliaflowers •  2 years ago 

Hi all steemit users, you must surely know for nature lovers and flower lovers, do you know dahlia flowers? yes dahlia flowers, dahlia flowers are many colors and kinds there are red, yellow, etc. for you who like photos of nature or photographer you can use this dahlia flower object, because this flower is very beautiful interesting, its striking color yyang make you want to photograph it and have it, in the area of ​​aceh, in takengon a lot of this dahlia flower is there, because its cold temperatures of this flower make it more fresh and bloom, really beautiful creation of god is not it? ilahamdulilah I am very grateful for the blessings of god given Allah swt , so thank you, if you like please you upvote2016-12-29 11.54.40 1.jpg

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