Dad Tip of the Day: Camping Memories

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Dad Tip of the Day: Create memories by doing special trips or experiences that your family will not soon forget, such as camping.

I can remember a large number of great family memories from my days growing up. One of the highlights was visiting a river house a handful of times a year. We also took some epic road trips from Michigan where we lived to California where most of our family lived, which pretty much took the whole month of December! Then there were fishing and camping trips that I will never forget… so many great memories!

As a dad, I now get to form these family building trips any way I would like. We have already started doing the same river house trips from when I was a kid, and this last weekend, I continued preparing the kids for future camping trips by camping out in the backyard!

My kids are still pretty young, so camping is a difficult thing when they have so many needs. There is no way I will be able to get my wife out there into the great wilderness until they are a bit older, but still, I want to get some practice in so we are ready! During last week, my son Jacob asked if we could go camping in the backyard, which we had done one other time before. Well, of course buddy, let’s do it!

We ended up pitching the tent in the afternoon and then hung out and played in the tent for a little bit. Kendra, who is 9 months old, enjoyed that a lot. We stayed outside and ate dinner in the backyard near the tent as well. It was fairly hot on Saturday, so we ended up passing on a bonfire this time, but Jacob has hung around those quite a bit already, so that was nothing that would have been unique. When the sun started going down, Kendra and my wife headed in for the night, and my son and I played some more, read stories with flashlights and then slept to the sound of crickets. Here are some pictures:





Jacob had a great time and has been talking about the fun time camping in the backyard quite often. I can’t wait until he is a little older and we can get out there in the woods for multiple days in a row!

Thanks for reading!


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its really very good idea of every children.because this idea apply doing every child learning alots of new thing for enjoying moment.your child jacob very happy and enjoy this camping event. she playing alots with happiness and spending her best time with child kendra looks very really spend your best time with your children.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you and your happy family.stay live long alots of dear friend. @brian.rrrr

Wow! great adventure. Good to see you sir with your happy family. Really Jacob and Kendra both are so lovely kids. Have a wonderful time sir. Thanks a lot for sharing your amazing moments with us.

I’m not a dad yet but I can’t wait to have kids because I adore them. One time I was on a train and every time one baby came on the other one went off and they looked at me the whole time and no one else. I mean it was creepy but cute.

Yeah It's all about building those memories!

We are going on an excursion down South for a while and the kiddos (17 and 20 years old LOL) are looking forward to getting away for a while!


Sounds like more memory building to me... have a great trip!

Great adventure. It's always nice to have a bonfire but that heat is coming from it will run you straight into the house for AC. I surely enjoy a fire with the kids tho

Oh Kendra is growing she looks much bigger besides she is starting to enjoy the moments this beautiful also Jacob

These are good times camping is something that we all want to do even big is something unique that is enjoyed and the experience is unique there are many stories and food this is good

Good night

Nice!! this brings back the vivid memories of the days when I was a kid growing up... the soccer and baseball tournaments, sleepovers with buddies and the quality play time with mom, dad and the family.

One day, I will be on your side of the river... with kids of my own
Time flies, enjoy it while we can

Cheers to the fam!!

Hi, how are you today? I like to read your tips are ta certain is the life of all camping is a goal that we must meet all we want to do even in the movies the main thing is usually camping make a campfire tell a little stories or sing

You are preparing Jacob and Kendra for when it's time for them to go out to a place outside the house and camp that is good. I hope you find yourself well @brian.rrr

Absolutely great and i want to say one thing that, the quality time spending with family is really important aspect because these are the days which plays vital roles in long term relationships and this increase the bonding in family members for sure.

And these pictures truly reflecting that you've spent amazing time with your family and i hope that these amazing journey will be continued and you will get many opportunities of camping in future.

In my opinion, i can say that these pictures are inspiring others to do the camping and other amazing travel stuff with family. And the greatest moment for us is when our family are happy and when we can feel their smile.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

That's awesome! He's going to remember that for a long time. And hopefully it will make him want to get out camping more. I always loved camping with my dad when I was a kid. I would have been happy camping in the basement. Ha ha. Glad you all had fun.

My kids have done the whole camping in the backyard and had a blast. I have had the kid out camping since they could walk. We braved the wilderness with all 6 of our kids (my 3 and her 3) and the youngest was 5 at that time. The kids talk about these camping trips like they were the best times ever. From the cave exploring to the beach and roasting marshmallows, they are experiences they will carry forever.

They look so happy and you're right camping is a unique experience that stays in the mind for many years is something that as a child we always imagine we are excited by the idea of sleeping outside play a little and be in front of the campfire

I hope soon you can be outside by now you are preparing for this adventure

It is impressive that children love the idea of camping, when they are little they like to camp with dad and mom, when they grow up, those lucky enough to have a patio with trees ask the father for a house built in a tree, there they keep Many memories that remain in time, when Jacob grows up will be a good man with values well planted by papa, and I assure you that those memories will treasure them for the rest of his life. I congratulate you for forming with your wife a great family full of values, greetings @brian. rrr

Greetings @brian.rrr this is very fun when I see what you do with your happy family, I remember a few months ago when I was with my family vacation and I almost remembered all our moments of that time When I saw some happy photos of you this. thanks for sharing wonderful moments with this family @brian.rrr.

Wow. Jacob was so happy out there 😀

Lucky to be able to enjoy his family like that, God bless you, very good photos, your son looks happy and that is the most satisfying of this life as parents.

camping is great for kids , getting some fresh air and getting back to nature for a while x

It is charming all the effort they make to fill their children with happiness, education and ties ... The time passed very quickly, you will soon publish those real outdoor camps.

How beautiful are your little ones, that they continue the camps to share with them

Wow I love this advice !! Imagine the happiness of your child, create such intimate and exciting moments create unique bonds. Good job!

How lucky are your children, you are a father with a lot of wit and it shows that you enjoy your children. It's good that you like to spend quality time with them and prepare them for the future, the fishing and countryside.