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RE: Tutorial: Launching Your Own DAC on the Jungle Test Network with eosDAC

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I'm actually powering down on steem and I'm inactive for months. But this post is VERY helpful. I'm a eosio developer and I learned a lot with this :) thank you guys!

One thing I didn't understand is from where the xfer and the dacowner came from... Are they contracts? Accounts? Permissions?


xfer is a custom permission. Not sure what you mean by dacowner. That's an account which holds the funds of the DAC. The code-level transfers will be handled there in the future. For eosDAC, that's this account:

Oh sorry, it was too early in the morning and my brain was still booting (I didn't made the connection dacowner = lukedachold1). Now I get it :)

Thank you very much for all your work. I've been reading and learning from eosDAC project in github. Learning a lot with you guys. Thanks :)

Generally speaking this should be the treasury account, the only exception is the daccustodian account which holds the custodian stakes. If we wanted to transfer any other token than EOS from the eosdacthedac account then we would have to add additional linkauth's to the xfer permission

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