DACs: the tool of survival during global economic collapse.

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The global fiat currency story is collapsing. People no longer believe centralized governments (which use violent force to further their interests) and their bankster buddies can print enough to maintain the status quo.

Around the world, executives are looking at their balance sheets and figuring out what they can do to extend their runway and ride out the coming global economic storm. Companies may collapse with jobs lost and livelihoods threatened.

The tools of the past will not work in the future. The tools of the future are almost here today. Communities sitting around with no job and worthless money may turn to DACs: Decentralized Autonomous Communities. See https://eosdac.io/

A DAC allows a community to create their own token, elect their own custodians, manage their own treasury, create their own worker proposals, and essentially keep local economic activity flowing while the world grinds to a halt.

Corporations and governments which rely on endless consumption and growth to survive will be disrupted by distributed, decentralized, committed communities who will create and govern their own stores of value.

With so much chaos in the world right now, new systems of governance will be presented to the world. Some will be forced, centralized, and based on fear. Others will be decentralized, local, and voluntary.

We create the future we want to see.


The first step to the end of fiat currencies as we know them is the Fed losing control. It is already happening.
US$1 Trillion a week fiat currency creation to prop up markets was a failure.

Treasury auctions are close to failing.

How long before nations start backing their currencies with Bitcoin and Gold?

I was thinking about a month ago how some of this would play out. Considering that bitcoin was originally developed as a response to the 2008 crash/recession, and (when I was thinking this) it seemed like another, bigger crash was coming.

Is this the breeding ground for something truly revolutionary? It seems like the world is primed for a more robust way of organizing. Something beyond capitalism, or socialism, or any of the other various "isms". Living in a world that's fragile to centralized failures -- maybe there's going to be a radical shift towards decentralization.

Maybe so. I think the world is ready for something better. A shared collaborative commons.

I'm hopeful in that, as soon as there's one movement that practices decentralization -- either in food/economic/energy/political sectors -- it'll catch on like wildfire.

A little tongue in cheek -- but wildfires (and other natural phenomena) are a strong example of something that is decentralized and difficult to stop ;)

Sounds good, gettin' away from the "isms" towards real decentralization...
But people will have to take more responsibility , take more "in their own hands"...
and that is also more work :P
Are people ready for this?
I hope so...

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