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From the inception of crypto-currency essentially bitcoins (owing to the fact that is was the first crypto-currency), has greatly influenced and improved, for the better the global economic system.

Crypto-currencies were birthed in order to reform the global economic system by inventing a faster and easier means of carrying out transactions and payments making, resulting from the fact that the current world economy way of carrying out transaction is inefficient, bygone and very ineffective.

So crypto-currency was thus conceived to improve and better the system, and since inception not only has crypto-currency exceeded it's expectations, it has also reformed the global format of trading and making payments. It has also greatly influenced every sector that has chosen to take advantage of it.

The crypto-currency industry has been able to achieve all of this not on its own, but by also devising a strategy of making its operations, efficient, the blockchain technology.

The blockchain is a localized system that contains accounts to which debits and credits are posted and is publicly distributed across all the nodes of its network.

Its great attributes also makes it impossible and difficult to be exploited, making it a very potent tool, in the ever growing digital world.

The blockchain has actually brought about the invention of the popular digital cash, called "crypto-currency".

Its ability to block all means of exploitation has made the blockchain technology very sophisticated and of great use to different sectors, as it has improved their speed and efficacy making it very beneficial.

Of all the benefits of the blockchain system to the globe today, the invention of Dapps (decentralized apps), is one of the greatest.

Dapps are decentralized applications that runs on the peer to peer (P2P)blockchain system, and makes room for increase and upgrade of the system.

Standing the test of time, a lot of Dapps (decentralized apps), has come into creation and are all directed at making the global system a great one.

The dapps is always taken in over the regular and basic applications because of its advantages and sophistication, which has made it superior over the regular applications.

These dapps(decentralized apps) ensures simplicity and clarity, efficiency and maximum security of the system when being put to use, and globally accepted, has the potential of shooting the world to its zenith.

In acknowledgedment of the great advantages dapps(decentralized apps) has....



As a result of the advantages and great potential dapps had to offer to its users, a platform based on dapps has been invented.

Dabanking is a localized blockchain based platform, that has saddled itself with the development of Dapps, with localized entertaining services featuring fairness, simplicity, clarity, efficiency and an unreflecting user friendly system.

Dabanking will surely path way for numerous dapps, as it will be a reference point for the development of a lot dapps, which are meant to influence positivitely the world's financial system.


Dabanking has created its first dapps known as "fomojackpot lottery chain" a one of a kind system, based on dapps which will be wired to work in combination with the dapps game (fomogame), to entertain users, as well as reward them for using the gaming dapps.

Dabanking also runs a referral programme to ensure users get the opportunity to merit rewards, just by referring new users to enjoy and benefit from the gaming system.

In order to make sure that the users are thoroughly satisfied, dabanking will continually inroduce new and fun filled games on the gaming industry system, so as to keep the entertainment and users rewards coming.



DAA is the dabanking platform's accepted currency which will be introduced on the dabanking dapps platform, to ensure smooth running of the operation in the system and also used to play games in the system by crediting it on the dabanking virtual wallet.

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Dabanking is more than ready,if invested in to take the global system at large to its greatest level, by making use of the trending blockchain machinery to provide the world changing tool (dapps), which works effectively. This would in turn reward the users as they partake in the playing of the games in the system.

Dapps is more than an answer to the prayers of many, but a solution and a big up-lift to the global financial system.


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