D'wave the beginning of the end. What type of Technology is this? DONT BE CAUGHT OFF GUARD****

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D-wave The path to a great future or terrible destruction

The time has come at last when some interesting guy has developed a technology that is able to tap into different dimensions, time and space from or through a new form of quantum computer.

This can mean a really great thing for humanity but our biggest and maybe the neatest invention might be too troublesome for us to handle. The worse thing is that these different dimensions of time me and space could mean an increase of knowledge in humanity but not hiding the fact that we are really tapping into the unknown and Ai itself.

99% of the world is blank to D-wave & Quantum technology

We humans tend to read alot of what we want, go to church, work, go shopping but have not the slightest idea what's coming. Its really much worse that how it sounds. This small information gathering is just to let everyone know that this is really a warning because this can shape the very existence of humanity.

Ai a game of truth or dare

Ai itself is changing really fast has Sophia worlds most intelligent robot is already self-aware and can conjure large amounts of information and is currently a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Stop..... And listen.....please read what I just wrote. Check this video out.

We have humans need to know the truth and stop messing around with things we don't know about properly. We have not reached anywhere close to the technology what we had before. However, the question is where are all these inventions popping up from???

What is really the goal of such a dangerous technology?

Please watch both videos and think and write your comments.

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