Prague Blockchain Week vs BTCPrague

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There is a pile of crypto events in the Czech capital of Prague going on right now. I recommend you to learn about particular events' schedule, which you will find on, or on the pages of Evenbrite. Czech crypto communities divided into at least two camps and the ongoing crypto events stressed out the difference in the mindset and values between them. So, let's talk about that.


Are you a BTC maximalist or you are a hardcore altcoin user? Maybe you are a developer or a marketer from a web3 scene? Regardless of who you are, what does "crypto" mean to you? According to you, is there any difference between Bitcoin blockchain and other blockchains like the Ethereum blockchain? The answer on these questions is exactly what separates the Czechoslovakian crypto enthusiast community into two poles. I may be mistaking in the way I'm interpreting the situation. Please feel free to contribute your opinion in comments, as I love to learn other points of view. In this article, let me please share my understanding of the reality.

This June 2023, there is ongoing a row of multiple events connected to cryptocurrency projects. These events are all independent being held by different organizers. As an example these are BTC Prague, UTXO, ETHPrague and other events. There is a group of crypto enthusiasts who came with an idea to summarize all the events into one website informing the visitors detailed information on one place. This is how Prague Blockchain Week concept was created. Prague Blockchain Week is an independent initiative that informs about almost all crypto events going on all over the Prague, including places, ticket information, speakers.

Source: Prague Blockchain Week website

Although you won't find any information about the BTC Prague event here and that's not a coincidence. Recently there was quite a hot argue between the PBW organizers and the BTCPrague organizers. Where BTCPrague organizers demanded to exclude them from the Prague Blockchain Event website for the reason that there is a difference between the concepts and values the Bitcoin community has and the values which has the rest of altcoin crypto projects.

Bitcoin enthusiasts are supporting Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency which is often compared to the digital gold and at the same time representing a healthy economy without inflation risks as the amount of BTC is limited, to be precise 21,000 BTC. Nobody knows who is the creator of the blockchain so it's being developing with the community without being regulated by ANY entity. Meanwhile for example Ethereum community has a known representor, Vitalik Buterin. He and his developer team are actively amending in the centralized way the whole progress of the Ethereum network. Also we should admit a known fact, that compared to Bitcoin, the amount of Ethereum is unlimited, which is another point making the whole concept very unstable missing the trust. Moreover, almost any crypto project emerging from the Ethereum network, while conserving the disadvantages the network already has, are often companies trying to sell there business idea via freshly minted tokens, without having a serious project background.

Speakers visiting the BTC Prague are told to be very famous, respected by the community. They usually share ideas which are forwarded towards healthy money system, healthy technology, healthy infrastructure, independence and privacy. So both them and their community don't accept any other blockchain than the Bitcoin blockchain. According to them, the Bitcoin blockchain is the only healthy and true blockchain. Any connection with other crypto projects would devalue the whole event and the values the Bitcoin enthusiasts defend. No surprise, as there were and there are still so many scams hyping on crypto, blockchain, metaverse & web3 topics, still coming to this world. Of course, not all, but most of such bubble projects are supposed to die if they are not dead soon. Taking with them the money, which their community invested into them sincerely believing they support a right thing.

Bitcoin maximalists, lovers, and all other people respecting the Bitcoin values, decided to cut off any connection with the rest of the events going on in Prague in June and as a result denied from being introduced at the webpage of PBW, with their initiative to put the crypto events all together. For that reason the communication between these two type of communities is being currently very sensitive and emotional.

Prague is an amazing city. Very clean, beautiful, very Czech. At the same time, very tolerant as there is almost anything in Prague. You just need to know right people and where to look for them. But unfortunately, as for the crypto space, it's become pretty divided. When you claim that you prefer Bitcoin or Ethereum, you may hear a long hate speech respectively. To tell the truth, I believe that the Bitcoin maximalists do have there point and I believe that their community may be more contributing in general. I just hope that we as human will be smart enough to choose in the end the way which will be the healthiest and brightest for us without being lost in a golden rush where ones win and others as a result loose.


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