The ABYSS | Next Generation Digital Distribution Platform

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This is the first DAICO, something that Vitalik Buterin proposed a while back to make investing in new projects/ICOs safer and more fair to everyone. You can read about that here:

What Is A DAICO Explained

What is DAICO?

DAICO is an innovative fundraising model (suggested by the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin) that merges some of the benefits of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), aimed at upgrading and making the initial ICO concept more transparent and secure. The Abyss Token Sale is an advanced and improved DAICO model, allowing token holders to control the fund withdrawal limit, also providing an option to vote for refund of the remaining contributed money in case the team fails to implement the project, with Oracles (appointed industry leaders) acting as arbitrators. Read more here.

As you know during Pre ICOs, big investors/whales get massive discount bonus. This caused them to dump for profits right after the Tokens are list on exchanges. I know this DAICO will do greatly because everyone will pay the same price per Token during ICO and there is not a Pre ICO. Soon DAICOs will be the new ICOs! I will do 10ETH which is the MAX for everyone during the first 7 days, after that there is not a max limit.

The community size as of today is huge!


  • 117,553 Registrations
  • 15,600+ Twitter Followers
  • 45,595 Members In Telegram Group
  • 9,975 Followers On Facebook Page
  • 2,000+ Followers On Medium


Meet The Team Behind The ABYSS







Important Links:

Telegram Group:

Disclaimer: I'm not a financial adviser, not a professional trader, and nothing I say is meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. Don't invest money you can't afford to lose. Always do your own research.

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thanks for bringing our awareness about Daico. althought I am a fan of new projects however I don't believe on Gaming project but who am I, let's just see

Main thing far as the gaming industry is there way that people game play games like Counter Strike Go and make income through earning tokens on the blockchain and its making money playing on Multi player games

growing with new projects and the more beautiful the results we get... Thanks @hiroyamagishi 🙏🙏

We are excited to do so

To be honest gaming projects actually do good in crypto. Look at Decentraland, GameCredits, etc.

I will find time to do more research on this

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Is it just me or i feel like puking looking at ico shitcoins these days?
edit: crypto made me emotional

Curse for the people who understand and love crypto?

Wow, you read all that stuff?
I have seen a lot of reviews about thinking fast and slow book, in fact, it is on my to be read list of Goodreads books.

But I didn't know that he created something called behavioural economics.

Almost made me to skim my current book and start reading Thinking fast and slow.

And if you read cool stuff like this, why don't you post about it?

I've read the book last year and posted bout it. The video is much better, and quicker! :)

I prefer to read.
Video may be a quick way to gain knowledge, but by reading, we acquire long-lasting knowledge.
I will keep a tab on your posts to read more cool stuff like this.

Yeah, probably just you, get a bucket buddy 😀

my bucket is already 3 months old haha

Hope to experience Abyss. Thanks for the information.

10 ETH into this project is definitely a big investment. From looking at your blog pictures on Abyss it does not seem to have anything special like other gaming cryptos. However this DAICO is the first I have heard about it and intrigues me. Thanks.

I invest into projects thinking long term. They have a good idea, experience, and community backing the project. Gaming is a pretty big niche, will always be.

is it worth paying those bots for the upvotes?

Yes, because using BidBots help you get exposure of your content and if people like it you will get organic votes and followers. It depends what you use the bidbots for. If you promote something that breaks Steemit rules/SPAM people will flag you and you will end up losing money.

and in the process it makes the bot owners richer

win and win situation, they are providing a service, they have to get richer in the process. That is how life works.

The team looks great but will it be dominant

we will see

GReat Project but the name is so scary...Abyss is a name of the Bottomless pit in the Bible.

😂😂 They probably chose it to make it catchy. If the platform is valuable people will probably Just give abyss another new meaning

You are right 😅 But I believe they used Abyss as in deep/massive space

If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

—Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil



Great team
Nice project...Need to look into this

Great platform i think its Future is so bright


Very interesting project but only because you recieve the token trustless it doesn t mean the project or the token will go moon . I am very excited about EOS soon coming up. And TRX testnet / mainnet / token burn soon. What do You think about guys ?

same question guys

God bless you!

I wish you success in the project.

I still waiting The ABYSS ICO, do you have any new? , thank you for post

We will be able to participate April 16.

The cryptocurrency is in every place of our life
Game with gain will be perfect @destektr

I think it is the beginning of something great.The investment without a fear, something necessary and imperative. But I am not familiar with the specific product to assert whether it is the best potential setup. Keep on track to establish confidence.I hope you can........
And if you want, Please follow me...........

nice photo

Follow me Back

Sorry.theabyss is not available in Bangladesh.

Nice post

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Since I have consciousness, games have been the most practical and simple way to mine. Today, it is estimated that 35% of cybernauts (about 90 million users) maintain online game connections, which is why it is a very attractive market for ICOs.

Nice . But it would be beeter stay by one project ? And rise it up to later have more profit , then they can give more boost to us :)

I didnt understand your question


What do you think about The Abyys project? good or not?

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It's quite interesting I will give it a try.

i like new idea but sorry i am not a fan of games projects good luck images.jpeg

great platform!

Right information

Gaming project... not really a fan, will give it sometime. thanx though @dineroconopcion

@unnamed (2).gifthank you for your submission. your submission is a valuable experience for me...


Althought I am a fan of new projects however I don't believe on Gaming project but

nice post


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Great project

thank you for your post



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Each and every industry in getting its own network and its own cryptocurrency. It seems like in future every industry is going to be sophisticated and will have its own community. The community based culture is growing very fast since last decade and it going to be more ubiquitous in coming time.


I like it your article

558.65 dollars! I'm surprised.


for some days now have heard about this but am still curious to know much about it, thank for breaking it down here u have done a great job

thanks good

This is a very interesting project your exposing @dineroconopcion. I believe that the distribution network in business is the most valuable asset there is. So this project has the potential to produce a trillion dollar flow..

Sorry for begging in here.
Can you guys comment anything with nice workds Like "looks good, wow, nice article bruh" ? It will be a help. Please ?
And I will appreciate more if you can upvote too.
I will upvote back to your blogs too.
Thats my promise

Steady and nice post you, I like to see, read and enjoy. Thanks for sharing

We are excited to do so

thank you for a kind information....thank you so much...keep it up carry on your activity best of luck try something new....

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Thanks about your post

Thanks for sharing the information.

Your post is really maintain a good contain and very much informative,hope this information help us a lot.thank for your post.

Too many players theses days...


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Fantastic idea hope to check this out when I get back to my computer seems interesting shame its on ether which is crashing hard now!

Thanks for sharing valuable post.
I continue follow your post.
I appreciate your contest

Amazing a great post mr..😎😎

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Should take its chance is a new idea

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Is exciting live in this century and look the fast evolution of the blockchain technology

Fantastic and very interesting post thanks for sharing good friend

looks good - I followed and upvoted you -- I hope this is a successful ico

Digital money is the root cause of human progress.

thank you for the information.

s it just me or I have a craving for vomiting taking a gander at ico shitcoins nowadays?

Exceptionally intriguing undertaking. Decent project...Need to investigate this

Russian ICO, hmmmm, Scam?

Mmm there are many Russian projects which are legit, and there are many American projects which are scam. Your argument is invalid. That is like saying that every Muslim is a terrorist.

Me encantaría recibir tu voto

Looks like a good project. Good luck


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How many cryptocurrencies are in the market you talk about it?...🤔🤔🤔

Thanks for this sharing.We are aware of it now.

Actually i got the feeling that there is a lot of competition in that space. Isn't and i believe somehow Enjine already doing this in their way ?

They are similar, but not the same. You need to read the whitepapers, this way you will be able to see how each project is different from each other.

Thats amazing and wonderful platform for next generation

The group looks incredible yet will it be predominant

Thanks to giving us information about Daico. I love gaming project. Let's see what happen next.

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