The Economy Is Failing, Cryptocurrencies Are A Threat To The Central Banking System:Jeff Berwick

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Today's Guest: Jeff Berwick

The Dollar Vigilante

The Anarchast

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Thank You, Dave, for bringing Jeff Berwick onto the X22Report Spotlight. Thank You, Jeff Berwick for coming onto the X22Report Spotlight and sharing your work and keeping us informed

Here is an article in the Economist Magazine from 1988 predicting 30 years from now the world would be using a one world currency.

Plays just fine for me, audio only, normal for X22.

The "European Union" was mentioned in the 1953 movie "Roman Holliday". It wasnt called the EU but thats clearly wath they were talking about. It was in a scene where Audrey Hepburn was getting interviewed by the press. Late in the movie if I recall.

Press: 'What do you think about the "EU"?
Audry: "I'm for it"

Good movie, I recommend watching it just for the movie. 5 Stars.


It's a classic, and favourite of mine... (Don't tell anyone!)

I can't see bitcoin being our saviour. In fact I think it will fizzle out and disappear in a few years. Blockchain with utility and asset backed crypto's are the future, but probably based on a different protocol such as hashgraph. Bitcoin is a great concept but it's just fundamentally flawed in many ways. What it has done is created an entire ecosystem of decentralized applications which will change the world, hopefully for the better.

I pray every day for humanity and for crypto currencies to spread across the world like wild fire!

Thank you Brother Dave & Jeff - I listen and learn from both of you guys daily and appreciate your awareness in not only forewarning us but preparing for the worst while hoping for the best. My upvote & resteem is well deserved. Rock On / STEEM ON gentlemen...

Worst quality video going my 1990 camera phone has better quality WTF


Same here, ipfs must be shitting the bed

The video stopped @ 13:31 on me twice now. The video is 31:31 and it has a problem at 13:13? Makes my spider senses tingle. I did get the video to play beyond the 13:13 mark but I'm getting download network errors. I dont think the problem is on my end.

They cant just "turn the internet off" but they can fuck with it and make Specific things unusable i.e. DDOS attacks. Is that what we are seenig here. Probably not, YET, but keep your eyes open to the probability, scratch that, the inevitability.

This Power will not give up it's power without a fight.

I will reboot and troubleshoot my system and try to watch the video to the end.


WTF.. I guess I've got more learnin to do.. that is supposed to say.
"The video stopped on me twice at 1331 and the video is 3131 minutes long and has a problem at 1331?"

Good video Dave. The solutions id simple make Bitbean Legal Tender.
BitBean (BeanCash) to the Moon. Y'all know it's going to be the world reserve currency. John Mcafee's dirty little secret is that he hoards & stashes BitBeans. lol

Great Interview...

This is all true. what he is saying it is the truth. Thank you Dave for the interview.

just started watching your vids , great work :)

Hi David, we’ve been watching your youtube videos daily (a&b). When you mentioned that you were now using (i guess for a “c” daily edition?), For your info, I tried this morning to access and x22 report, without signing in to It does not work unless one signs in.
Q: If you were to supply the entire link to your report, woukd it work without having to sign in??? BTW: Thank you for your enlightening work.

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