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Very nice, Change! It would be great if Lifeline, which is the publicly traded entity of Cyrcadia, would be more proactive in providing the same information to its shareholders. As a large percentage owner of Cyrcadia, Lifeline shareholders are entitled to these updates but I'm glad you relayed it to us!

The Cyrcadia Asia deal is incredibly positive for all concerned since, basically, they are providing the funds that Cyrcadia, Inc. will be funneling to Lifeline as payment for licensing and patents. No financial burden for CI but Lifeline will be able to pay off liabilities and enjoy future success. Then, all the start-up manufacturing and sales, and more importantly AI gleaned with the software on patients in Asia initially, will benefit the US launch. Even though they haven't been stellar with deadlines and communication, 2018 is looking like go-time and the beginning of profitability on all aspects of the long history of this technology development! The time is now! If only I had more free money to soak up shares at the current level!

Thanks again!!

We can forget about getting detailed updates from LLBO that are current.
its all about cyrcadia

I understand. But you'd think that Lifeline, as a large shareholder of Cyrcadia now (even though it's all intertwined), would receive the "Dear Shareholder" update - which should then be passed on to the owners of Lifeline (us). Although you're ready, being on both sides of the equation! :) Regardless, the time has come and I'm semi-ready. I tried to figure out how we promote awareness here, since those of us who came to find out the information you had are already in Lifeline or Cyrcadia. I think I came to the conclusion, after mistakenly commenting on blogs of people who had a bigger network but more self-promoting agenda, that it's probably best to seek out people who have an interest in health matters and breast cancer awareness; things like that. More likely that their followers may be interested in the technology and some of those might be interested in investments. I don't want to come off as a pumper! I'll do a little at a time! Either way, you've come through with what you promised. Maybe this news can branch out from here. Thanks again!

Oh - hey, Change. Me again. Sorry to be such a bother but there's an embedded link in the update for the Cannes presentation of the iT-bra by Karen Smith. Is it possible to post that link too? I've been trying to find it without treating Steemit like a private message board but I'm not having any success!

Thank you, Change. Now I see why I couldn't find it. Being at the Cannes Film Festival, I thought there might have been an actual YouTube of her presentation, along with the PowerPoint. This is good, though - some new stuff, some previously seen. Looking forward to that "launching globally in 2018" world map shaded in with a "completed" color!

yeah I will --
why not treat it like a message board - how else would you make contact with me or anyone >>. no bother at all

Thanks, friend!

Thanks for the info Change

your welcome!

sorry been busy ..Ill post the link when I get a free moment

No pressure! Looking forward to watching something I haven't seen already - and hoping there will be a lot more new stuff (Detected uncut, maybe?) in the next few months.

Hi Change. Thanks for the clear update! Doesn't look so bad at all. Marketing US and the rest of the world (except Asia)!!!

voo - dgb was pumped by john mcafee - that's why it poped -- its a great coin - I used it recently - its super fast --love it!

What’s up VOO - hope your making money trading the cryptos -
I’ve been trading 20 hrs a day — first break I get ...on the plane to Dubai ..
Good luck to you ..

Thanks for the information, Change. Been real busy lately and have not gotten a chance to get back to you. Thanks again and have a nice Christmas and New Year.

Same too you . Follow @haejin for crypto, he’s good

I am. Trading EOS and DGB... Already 8 times worth. Sorry for the late reply, I'm not often on Steemit and don't know how it works...

hey VOO

Very nice on both !!!
im in this tiny privacy coin ITNS-- early stages but will pop when product is released
also ETN
and in NXT - the have a fork on dec 28 and you get .5 shares of IGNIS for every one nxt ....

i tried to respond to your email , i never have time to finish...

hit top right button - your pic then hit replies to see if you have any

Hi Change, I'm doing very well. Nice recommendation to follow haejin. But WTF is going on with those guys? It looks like war??! Do you know some other good guys to follow too??

haejin is the good - second would be far away - I have no idea
people are jealous hes making money - also I don't follow any of his picks - I do my own thing - I'm already up few 100k

Very good for you. I'm up 50K but don't have the time to follow this all day. But if so you can make easily a few K per day. Still in LLBO because I don't need the money elsewhere. Also FRZT but I think lots of penny people moved to crypto. So p&d is more rare.

Glty!! Speek soon

good luck voo - I hope llbo pops for you and everyone !

got in COLX really early .000000026 (7 zeros) for 5.1 million coins ...
VOO - I sold all my llbo - good luck if your still , that was torture and a big waste of my life ..(and just broke even) I already made what I was hoping I would with it in cryptos and the party here is just starting ...

Change thanks, can you clarify the fda class1 status, i understand from your post that it wasnt filed at all??
So actually we dont wait for aproval as we all thought we are waiting but only for filing..

that's the way it looks ...

And, as I understood the update and prior Lifeline PRs, the success of the clinical trials should allow them to get Class 1 FDA fast-track clearance without filing, right? If they'd only wrap up that nugget. I looked back at the 2016 forward-looking PR on OTCMarkets, which said: "This on-time achievement adds value and validates the Cyrcadias ability to get through the developmental and regulatory efforts required to bring this important lifesaving technology to market. Year 2016 expectations are that the clinical trials will be completed, the regulatory filings will be achieved which is intended to lead to clearance by the FDA of the 510(k) application and CE Mark authoritative body. Additionally, the Company and Cyrcadia have begun exploring prospective alternative strategies that could accelerate increased value and liquidity." Hurry up and wait...