Breast Cancer Detection - Game Changer...chance to make 1000% return

in cyrcadia •  2 years ago  (edited)

I will be updating and telling you how to play this ...this week!!
I very possible to make 500-1000% return on this penny stock..
I have been invested for 7 years and it will pay off in the next few months
major announcement is imminent ,,FDA!
accumulation is the game .

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youve held this stock for 7 years??

trials in 2 locations, el camino hospital
and Ohio State University James center ,,largest cancer facility in the nation ...

man thats very interesting. amazing and a real game changer!

it will makes us money ---
high risk very high reward..
buy and sell half on news!
ill post a update soon

longer I think ...only stock that I ever have ..and only stock I own currently ..
not going back their, only crypto from now own,,,
they have been moving slowly with development ...but almost their..
I will release a update this week ...
NO dilution in this stock in over 7 that's not a issue ,,its a sub penny stock and itll run so quick with Positive new,,,

Hey, Change! Long time Lifeliner (2004), first time Steemer. Looking forward to your update- - hopefully more detailed and insightful than the Q3 reports.

cool...ill be posting this week !

Dear Change,
I have made the long way from IHUB, honestly it look better here although i am still newbie ,
I am in the stock since 2009!!! and holds more than 20M shares
wish we get fda positive and have a run that will make me some return here.

Welcome ! :)
ill try to post today. in few hours
been so busy