Riverland Bio farm

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On the way from Nicosia to the mountains (the road to the Maheras) you can turn right in the direction of Riverland and get straight into the fairy tale.

If you like animals, natural sour-milk products, and nature itself - this beautiful and large bio farm will surely please you.

Here they have goats, sheep, chicken, cows, donkeys, horses…

Animals can be fed, patted, looked at their life from the closest possible distance.

Surrounded by hills and fields, this farm looks like a green oasis.

For families with children this is an ideal place for a walk - there are many children's entertainments, sites. And the animals themselves entertain the children no worse!

Here you can see the whole process of producing milk, kefir, cheeses and even eat fresh natural ice cream cooked right on this bio farm.

And imagine, the entrance to the farm is free of charge!

P.S. If you take your dog with you - be ready to contemplate the merry "dialogues" .

P.S. 2. I share with you with only a few atmospheric photos (Steemit brakes and does not download files)…

Thank you for your attention and loyalty.


Hey @travelmuse, coming to Cyprus beginning of June :) Larnaca-Limassol-Pafos in one week :) Any tip or recommendation are welcome!!

thanks, I offer the same action

You offer the same action?
I'm sorry but I don't understand

Sorry - my assistant learns English and she was trying to help me with my account while I was away in a business trip for a few days 🤣
Sure! I’ll gladly give you some advices on your trip!
My Skype: Itour Katerina.
Contact me and we’ll discuss your future wonderful trip!

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