Paphos Zoo

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In addition to a dozen of donkey farms, camel park, there is a large zoo in Cyprus.

To the north of Pafos, in the vast territory, is spread the greenery of gardens, and hundreds of various animals are guarded, fed and bathed in love and care among them.

From the first steps the Cypriot zoo surprises with the cleanliness, order and well-being of animals.

Even on hot summer days, the walk here remains a pleasant and fascinating journey into the natural world - thousands of lush trees and bushes save with their shade.

Mammals, reptiles, predators, hundreds of species of birds, representatives of the world's fauna that are unexpected for this locality can be found here.

More than 15 years this zoo is welcoming its visitors, here is also the veterinary clinic, and all the amenities for tourists. And from the territory you can enjoy stunning views of the sea, because the zoo itself is located on a picturesque hill.

Next, I suggest you enjoy the photo-tour and plunge into the atmosphere of unbridled and attractive nature.

Green blossoming bushes at the entrance.

Handsome peacocks freely roam the territory of the zoo and pose for the camera with pleasure.

Representatives of the family of ducks and ostriches also present themselves in all their glory to our camera, without fear of the flash.

African giraffes almost touch the sky!

Thanks for your time and consideration. I invite you to visit sunny Cyprus.


Cyprus seems to be a cool place to live :-D

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beautiful animals 😍😍😱😱 adventure have a nice day


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