Konnos Beach

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The notorious Blue Lagoon looks chic all year round. You can admire it from Cape Cavo Greco, and after going down to the Konnos beach - you can even to swim in these paradise waters!

This beautiful beach was awarded with European Union badge for its cleanliness - the blue flag. There are changing rooms, toilets, a kiosk with everything you need for swimming and sun tanning, and even a bar here. This quiet lagoon is ideal for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle. Rocks, a view of the eastern part of the cape, the purest sand under your feet and clear water - all this creates a special charm of paradise rest. There are many villas and only one hote in the vicinity of this beach.

You can get to Konnos Beach from Ayia Napa on the bus #101 (1.5 Euro), from Protaras on the bus #102. Groups of 6 people are more profitable to take a taxi - it will be about 2 Euro per person, plus comfort, the lack of crowds and no need to go long way in the hot public transport.

Come to Cyprus and enjoy your life.



Beautiful pictures :)

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