Termite cypher jam round 76 entry [Raw First Time Ever Freestyle]

in #cypherjam2 years ago (edited)

This is my first ever freestyle recorded rapping attempt ever, I promised @termitemusic to be in his cypher jam once so I recorded this. It's probably not the quality real mc's deliver or so haha but at least I tried :)

Here is it:


Big up to termite for keeping this stuff coming and being in round 76 already of the worldwide cypher jam.


And don't laugh, or do it better yourself. Peace



dude....for a start....super cool you just recorded it!

second: beats without lyrics are also nice ;))))

Oh man @seveaux you are so rad, your rhyme cracked me up!
Love your flow! You should consider keeping it up <3
BIG UP for getting out there & doing something you usually don't!!

talent right :P xD freestyle