Overcome - Steemit Cypher Sunday #3 'Growth & Expansion'

in cyphercunday •  10 months ago


Just barely made it! I see not many participants this round. Maybe a new beat may change it up. Fun as always, hope my track is at least not too painful to listen to :p Have a great weekend everyone!

Overcome, never run
Sight-see until you get the funds
You hear the drums?
The war is on.
Never, ever will I let me down

I try not to slip, I try not to trip
But when I do I always get up
I never let up
See, I'm the only one,
With the power to set me up.

I realize that the strength is in me
The power is we
The power is the fact
that we control this reality

So I stay strong
Though I'm on the ground
I plant my roots deep
And stretch my hands out to catch the sun



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Me encanta tu estilo de musica, buena letra,Saludos.tienes mi voto.

Great job bro!

You got the theme mixed up though...this week is Growth and Expansion, week #1 was overcome..

All good though man it still fits! Dropping it soon.

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