Worldwide Cypher Jam [ ROUND 60 ] "Calling All MCs/Singers of Earth!!" 白蚁.

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... Can it be?!! Can it be?? Round sixteeeeeee!!!!
We got some serious bass on my beat this week!! So put your breakables away if you got the speakers!! This shit RATTLES!!!! 白蚁. ''Bass and Coincidence' 白蚁.

Download link:
Choon link:

  • Play the beat I have made for you above and record your bars/freestyle/rap/lyrics/singing/scratching/epic guitar solo/whatever you got, over it!!!
  • Use phones/laptops/cameras/home studio or whatever you want to record it!!! It matters not!!


  • There are NO rules!!!
  • Post your entries below, or comment with a link to your entry post.
  • 'Best' entry to the cypher gets the SBD from this post OR the DSound post to follow, WHICHEVER IS HIGHER!!!


THIS IS THE RAW S** T!!!!!!!!!!!!!
... You have until I switch the beat up, next Sunday!!!

Lets f**kin' jam!!!!!!!!!

Peace and enjoy.
TERMITE. ( @termitemusic )



Early this week. And maybe a tad bit crazy :D Enjoy!!

Yo!!!! TOO DOPE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, that's tearin' up and spittin' hard!

Thanks! Where's the rest of the crew??!!

Will have my posts up soon! But until then check it out!

My steemit post

And my whaleshares post

This is dope! I am in a weird spot! Let everything slide out of being able to stay ahead!! I am on this today!!

Love this beat! Makes me feel sinister!