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We are about to announce the first CYOA title and poster.


  • New accounts created for various languages :

Indonesian @steemadvbahasa

German @steemadvdeutsch

Korean @steemadvkorean

Spanish @steemadvntrspan

Polish @steemadvpolski

Russian @steemadvrussian

  • Outline finished
  • Approx. 20% of first CYOA is finished.

Roadmap :

  • Announce Project Title and Poster (very soon)
  • Finalize Manuscript
  • Launch Initial CYOA
  • Create and Launch @fundition account to assist with future CYOA work.
  • Create Japanese and Mandarin language accounts.
  • Possibly create a Steem Engine token.

Please follow @steemadventures and stay up to date with our Choose Your Own Steem Adventures account.

Please delegate or donate to @steemadventuresp to help us with our Choose Your Own Adventure stories.

Have a CYOA story idea or a manuscript written and think itd be a good fit for @steemadventures? Let us know! We are always looking for stories, ideas, and artwork.

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The only reason I have not posted the poster image is that I grabbed the wrong thumbdrive from my desk and and haven't been back yet. Simple human error.

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