A tour from southwestern Poland to Romanian coast: Weekly Update #4

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After four weeks of our crowdfunding campaign going we managed to raise the total of 22.13 SDB, which is 4.43% of 500 SBD.

This time a huge shout out goes to @robmolecule, @jakipatryk, @twowheeledmonkey, @eco-alex, @jasiu, @ultrabiker, @glennoula, @mrprofessor, @spacesheep, @browery, @piotr-galas, @marc02mpg and other amazing people out there! Thanks for supporting us along the way!

Also I want to say thank you to @travelfeed, @steemitworldmap, @ecotrain and @c-squared communities for appreciating our efforts!

You guys are awesome :)

Project stats

22.13 SBD (4.43%) of 500 SBD raised
22 project updates
526 backers

Our vision

We are working hard on the knowledge base for travelers from all around the world (especially bikers). We will be delivering content that is both informative and entertaining. That includes (but is not limited to) handy tips on: how to service your bike and what tools to use, what to take with you on your trip, how to find free/cheap accommodation and washing facilities, what to eat during the trip to keep up the pace, where to cross the country borders etc.

We are committed to making this our full time jobs and since we are passionate about it, we believe we can build a strong community behind our vision.

If you like to find out more and support us in our mission, you can go to our projects page on Fundition.io and/or check the latest project update.


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