That's grim haha

Haha I'm just glad I had waterproof socks on, but even they were struggling cycling in a swimming pool.

I had no idea waterproof socks were a thing! I just thought people used waterproof overshoes

I have two sets of overshoes too that I have to layer up when it is really cold outside. But the SealSkinz socks were amazing when I first got them. You could literally put your foot in a bath of water and you would come up dry. They are a bit leaky now though, now they have gone through the wash a couple of times.

That's awesome, I may well have to invest in a pair for the winter

Hahahaha! Oh boy Scotland is a merciless place. I have not seen a raindrop for quite a while. Sorry not sorry!

Lol, I'm used to it now. Sometimes it can actually be quite refreshing.

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