Afternoon ride

in #cycling6 years ago

It is pretty warm for late September at 85* f in northern California. It's actually pretty good while your riding in the shade, nice and warm.

Lake Almaden this afternoon

The ride was 27 miles and 550 ft of climbing.

GPS track

There was an egret looking for lunch, so I zoomed in with the S8. Not bad for a zoomed in shot I guess...

Get out there are enjoy nature and hopefully the weather where you at.


This lake is looking great, hope you enjoy your ride

Hello Wonderful dear friend for the cool shade make the miles. Expectacular also enjoy the beautiful nature and the beautiful scenery it provides us. Nice white herons in the water. Enjoying and looking for food. Beautiful your shots. Have a great night friend.

You chose a nice place to take your walk, and you had to pedal a lot.
greetings and success for your next trips.

Oh! beautiful views you had during your tour, I hope you enjoyed it.

Oh! beautiful views
You had during your tour, I
Hope you enjoyed it.

                 - rosargelisperez

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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