Benefits of children playing bikes

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£. Grow confidence

Toddlers who initially only dare to push his bike, so long dare to ride it, then with confidence mengayuhnya. The more he played the bike he was more clever pedaling until finally able to use a small two-wheeled bicycle. This is a form of self-confidence.

£. Develop a rough motor

When cycling, your child will learn how to pedal properly. Skill of the leg muscles and his hands were more honed.


£. Improve social skills

Inviting a toddler to play a bicycle outside the home gives him the opportunity to meet other people, including his age friends. Not infrequently, the Little cycling together with his friends. This provides space for him to learn to be friends, work together, and also appreciate his friends.

£. Ability to resolve problems

Cycling also trains children in solving problems. For example, when a child rides a bicycle and passes a hollow road, he has the initiative to look for another flat road that does not endanger it.

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