Ride Time | Cycle Training | Buddy Gets a New Bike

in cycling •  3 months ago

We take a ride out to Rocheport and I'll tell the story of my buddy and his new bike. We'll throw in a little drone footage just for fun as well ;) 44 miles today on a hot, but beautiful day. Hope you enjoy the video.

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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another great ride video! I need to get a bike. lol


REI has bikes!!! Hahaha. Yes, get one, then let's schedule some crazy ride out there in Arizona somewhere. I'll bring my buddy Jerry. He's a fun guy to hang out with most of the time :D


That they do! There is a nice bike shop near me, I think the cheapest bike in there is like 600 bucks. and then they have some that are like 3 to 4 grand. my buddy mountain bikes all the time, his bike was like 5500! I was like crazy! lol

This is a nice place ride bicycle 🚲 @captainbob have you enjoyed the ride

great great

NIce ride man!
The Fargo is an awesome bike, I prefer a flat bar setup now after i tried the Jones Loop bars.
It's just so much more comfortable for me!

Hope to ride with you one day..


I'm thinking hard about a Surly ECR with either Jones or Moloko bars. I'm not sure I'm interested in the wood chippers. Sure enough man! Let's ride sometime!


The ECR is a beast!
I rode it for a few minutes, It's a pure off road machine. It's between a fat bike and a 29er..
I'm so happy with the jones loop bars i can't even describe it, I want to try the moloko bars just for the sake of comparison..
I had the woodchippers in the past and i didn't like them, I just couldn't find a shifter angle that'll comfy for me, Sold it and bought the Cowchippers. They were a lot better for me..
Take a look at Bombtrack bikes too, They have the Beyond bike which is amazing, At least it looks sick!
Seems lighter than surly and can fit fat tires..



The bike is awesome... I’m in Toronto with @captainbob... having a great time, meeting lots of folks and learning a bunch... however, I’m missing my new ride! Can’t wait to hit the trail again!

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I miss this... Trip😊😊😊

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Great video friend @captainbob. God Blessing YOU1!


Thank you!