Bike trip to Mineralni Bani

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It is very pleasant to still enjoy these summer temperatures in October, so me and my friends got our bicycles and took another good bike trip. This time we cycled to Mineralni Bani Banevo which is located near village Vetren.


We went through the Northern Solnitsi and went to Cherno More village. Before we get closer to the village, we took the black road that is after the Burgas-farm Peacock ZOO.


We passed around Atanasovsko lake.


We crossed small streams.



We went to Aqua Calidae Thermopolis.



Aqua Calidae Thermopolis was one of the most distinguished spa centers in ancient times. In the 1st century BC the Thracians turned the spring into the most honored sanctuary of the Three Nymphs. The first baths here were built by the Roman conquerors in the middle of the 1st century. More info here




Then we had a lunch at the beautiful forest at park Mineralni bani.


After pleasant rest in the forest, we left back to Burgas.




This time we decided to cross the newly built road to the village Cherno More.


On the way we found a small patisserie, from which we did not miss to take sweet things and coffee.


Near the Burgas Luga we stopped for a rest.



As I was walking around and taking pictures, I noticed on the opposite stretch a small pelican hidden in the grass. It is not typical for wild bird to standing on such place for so long time.


With my friends, we contacted a representative of Green Balkans (Kristina), who immediately responded and took the necessary action to help the little Pelican. Green Balkans is a leading organization in the field of conservation of rare species and habitats in Bulgaria.

Once we were relieved that the little pelican was in safe hands, we ended today's trip.
To prepare for a new one :-)

This day, we cycled 48.2 km.

The activity from Strava:



Thank you for your time to read this!

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Awesome shots! Is it a GoPro or your Smartphone?


Thank you @obvious ! It is GoPro Hero Black Camera :-)

I love these few days of warmth left in October. It's starting to get a little hard now for me to figure out what clothes to wear though. Like, I know how to dress when it's at or below freezing, but I always seem to overdress when it's around 5-7 degrees.


Thank you for the comment @robmolecule :-). I always keep extra warm clothes in the backpack, necessarily lightweight to not weigh me while I cycling.

Hooray! You saved the little pelican :)

What an amazing bike trip; I love the different photos with the bikes lined up too. Actually, all the photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)


Thank's @lynncoyle1 ! We are so happy that the little pelican is in safe! I glad that you like my photos :-)

Very nice photos and a great report. Thank you for your mail.


Thank's @svengadget :-) I'm glad you like it!

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What a beautiful place to go for a bike ride! It's so nice to have sunny days in October to be outdoors. I'm so glad you were able to save the little bird. Did you ever figure out what was wrong with it?


Thank's for for the comment @melinda010100 ! The Little Pelican had many parasites, including the oral cavity. Now it is in the Wildlife Rescue Center until it is recovers.