Where have we been?

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As part of following our journey, we have an interactive map on our blog where you can follow our trail.

Along with Steem, our personal blog on WordPress (https://pedallingcontinents.wordpress.com) contain a page hosting a Google MyMaps. This map allows the viewer to interact with the items placed on the map which includes our route, and most recent places we have stayed.

Each segment of our trip is colour coded

Some points even have a small diary entry

Before entering Tajikistan we met a British couple who told us they try to give a name to each camp spot they stay at, so the place is memorable and they recite them when climbing up the passes. We've adapted their idea, as in naming each place, but can't remember all of them!

The line segment is a rough guide on our route before we started this journey

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This trip looks absoloutely incredible!


Thank you @exhaust
Anyone is welcomed to join us (:

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Thanks for the big upvote @discovereurovelo

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